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Never mix or confuse disgustingly dirty dishes with cleaned one's ever again with this sliding dishwasher clean/dirty magnet sign!

This magnetic dishwasher sign provides a readable inscription that can be easily swiped right to signal the word ‘dirty’ and left for ‘clean’. It allows you to smartly communicate with your household and indicates whether the dishes are already washed or still yet to be cleaned. Preventing the need for guessing and accidentally mixing cleaned plates, mugs, and utensils from used ones. This dishwasher sign promotes an excellent magnetism that can stay secure even as you swiftly or harshly open and close your appliance. It can perfectly attach onto all metallic dishwasher models and even on other devices like washing machines, oven, and fridge.

The clean-dirty magnet sign also helps to promote a hygienic and healthy dishwashing cycle to keep dishes from getting stuck for long. Additionally, it even encourages your little ones to develop a good habit of unloading dining wares once they’re already cleaned. Available in different trendy style selections that would complement and enhance any dishwasher’s model decor. Making it a thoughtful and practical gift for thanksgiving, housewarming, mother’s day, christmas stocking stuffer, and other occasions. Made with high-grade material that boasts a long-lasting service without damaging or loosening magnetism.

Smartly track the status of your dishes every time using this sliding dishwasher clean/dirty magnet sign!


    • Dishwasher Magnet Sign
    A handy dishwasher magnet designed with an easy-to-read clean and dirty signage that is sure to wouldn’t be missed to notice by anyone. Featuring a simple sliding design that can smoothly slide right to highlight the word ‘DIRTY’ and slide left for signaling ‘CLEAN’. Providing you a smart and cute way to indicate whether the dishes inside are already washed or still yet to be cleaned. Moreover, this dishwasher sign also prevents your bowls, plates, and utensils from getting mixed from unwashed kitchen wares. Available in different designs including, black plate (red-green sign), silver (red-green sign), silver (heart arrow line sign) and so on.
    • Promotes Good Habit
    Not only signals if the dishes are clean/dirty, but it also helps to develop better habits and responsibilities especially for youngsters. Encouraging them to empty out already washed pots, pans, or dining ware and put them to their designated place even at a young age. Furthermore, it effectively creates a hygienic and healthy dishwashing cycle so you won’t have to guess anymore or let dishes get stuck inside for long. Eliminating the risk of having to reuse dirty mugs and dishes which only pose unwanted health issues.

    • Powerful Magnetism
    Adopts a superior back magnetic quality that can securely stick onto any metallic surfaces. Allowing it to stay stably in place even as you swiftly or harshly open and close your dishwasher door panel. Simply peel-off the protective film, then adhere it to your desired position onto your machine’s metallic door panel, and slide to signal dirty or clean! No worries as this magnet sign can be also easily removed without leaving a single mark and damage behind. Suitable to be used not only for dishwashers, but also for washing machines, oven toasters, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and such.
    • Unique Gift Idea
    Can serve as a thoughtful and practical present to encourage a healthy dishwashing cycle to your loved ones. Perfect for all regular or special occasions like thanksgiving, housewarming, mother’s day, christmas stocking stuffer, and more possibilities. All dishwasher magnet designs provide a simple, modernized touch that would surely complement and even step up your appliances overall look!
    • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, polished finish material and ultra-strong magnetism with an incredible durability. It does not contain any sharp edges or surface to ensure that it can be operated without causing scratch or harm. Additionally, this dishwasher magnet sign can hold out against long years of service without damaging or loosening its magnetic pull.


    • Material: Magnet
    • Size: 17.7x5.2x0.5cm
    • Style: A  / B  / C  / D  / E  / F 


    • 1 x Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Magnet Sign

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