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WOW!! The leather repair tape is an awesome product

This product exceeded my expectations. The color looks great and it was easy to apply. I'm still doing the happy dance!

All Kinds of Large Dog Flower Planters
Ruth DeYoe
Adorable Gift

My friend loved this gift. Definitely recommend.

Easy to install.

Very pleased so far. Great price and (almost) fits perfect. For the daily extreme sun/heat of Arizona, it’s great

All Kinds of Large Dog Flower Planters
Ruth DeYoe
Love at first sight

It just took me minutes to put together
And the person I got it for loved it.

Very useful

These are fantastic! I bought them for our glass stove top but Im using them for everything! Perfect for keeping around to clean kitchen messes as they spring up! Durable and easy to clean. Excellent value & used for all cleaning in our household.

Repairs my work chair good enough

I have an office desk chair that kind of gets jammed underneath the vinyl on the arms of the chair was ripped and worn. i ordered this in attempt to repair the chair.
The product is easy to use just clean area, remove liner and patch with the adhesive vinyl strip.


I've bought something similar before but the quality wasn't that great, so I bought the new one and it looks better than my previous one and it has the mirror covers, very nice! Don't worry about shoveling snow for my car this snowy winter. awesome!!

Before and after I'm so happy it looks amazing! And bought another roll!

It worked out great and easy to apply

Easy to use

I definitely want to protect my car's windshields and thus reduce the effort of cleaning it when going for a drive. This windshield is stable as it hooks well in windy and rainy conditions. In normal weather on a sunny day, it is able to keep the inside of the car cool and doesn't let it get heated. This is as good as inside shade protectors. It is light weight and easy to fold back and easy to open and fix

Easy Quick Repair!

I don't know how long this will last....but it was PERFECT for what I needed. Easy to use and very affordable. Fixed in 5 minutes! I would definitely recommend this product to someone who needs a cosmetic fix in a flash.

Protects Windshield AND Side Mirrors from Snow /Rain

It feels like great quality and fits on my Nissan Suv really well.
Protect it from early morning frosts. I installed it on my windshield upon arriving at work, it sleeted, my windshield was the only one untouched. looks like it will be very helpful in our Chicago winter as we have to much snow here.

Totally fine

The clothes work just as advertised, even better, my slider always has smudges and hand prints. Just one wipe with this wet cloth and there gone

These cloths are actually fantastic!

Whether it's dusting furniture or wiping down kitchen counters, these cloths have proven to be versatile. The microfiber material is gentle on surfaces but tough on dirt, making cleaning a breeze.

In the spirit of honesty, I must say that these cloths have become a staple in my cleaning routine. They're not just cloths, they're tools that enhance the cleanliness and comfort of my home.

Highly Recommend!

I don't often write reviews but I was very impressed by this order. It came with everything as describes plus more. I'm super happy with this purchase!!

All Kinds of Large Dog Flower Planters
Donna Gies
Love it!

Easy to put together. Looks amazing. Can’t wait to give it to my dog-loving friend.

All Kinds of Large Dog Flower Planters
Carol Romero
Love them!

I have purchased 2 already and today I will buy 4 more. They will be Xmas presents for neighbors. We always exchange Xmas presents and this year I'm very excited to give these adorable dogs instead of cookies or a bottle of wine.

Really is magic

Very easy to use. Cleans without any cleaning products. As you can see, it cleans hard water spots. I am not sure if you can wash these but you will get lots of use out of each towel. I used one on my white kitchen cabinet.

made my old recliner look a decade younger

color matched well

Portable Thumb Piano
Debra Ginivan
My Granddaughter loves it!

My granddaughter is an enthusiastic and accomplished pianist. She LOVES this "toy". So happy I found it

Nice sewing set!

This set is a great value! The materials are good quality and everything you need is provided. Makes a great starter set.

Portable Thumb Piano
Kimberly Casner
Simple entertainment

I bought this because it just seemed fun. I love it. I became obsessed with it. It's fun to be creative with!

All Kinds of Large Dog Flower Planters
Leesa Petty
Very cute

Seems well made.

These work very well

I loved the fact that all I had to do is wet the cloth to wipe my mirrors and car windows with absolutely no streaks
Will recommend these to family and friends

Fantastic, easy, and looks great!

I have a 20 year old couch that I love, and highly disrespectful cats. Let me just say I could not be happier with this repair tape.

Helped a lot.

Was great for the one large snowfall we got. Luckily I was in AZ for the next two!!